Trusted Universal Parallel Programmer Family


The MULTISYTE family of universal parallel programmers (OCTAL, QUAD, and DUAL) supports a broad spectrum of devices for production environments.  With universal pin drivers and manufacturer-approved algorithms at each programming socket, MULTISYTE programmers provide excellent device support and programming quality.

Product Specification (PDF)

Product Description


  • Works with TaskLink™ for Window® Programmer and Process Control Software, supported on Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000 and Windows XP
  • Interchangeable design works on all MULTISYTE programmers, providing up to 32 sockets
  • Flexible support for a wide range of package types, including μBGAs, TSOPs, and PLCCs
  • Quick, easy package-type changeovers take under a minute
  • Minimum lead lengths ensure clean signals to the device, maximizing yield and reducing scrap
  • Low voltage capability, from 5 volts down to 1.8 volts, supports the newest flash devices
  • Quick setup time and no download time maximizes daily throughput