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在Data I/O公司工作,除了工资以外的你会获得许多额外的福利。公司有各种员工福利制度,这些福利制度一起构成了Data I/O的薪酬体系。


在Data I/O, 我们为员工提供以下福利:

  • 各项社会福利保险
  • 公司各种补充福利等
  • 带薪年假
  • 员工俱乐部活动
  • 个人培训计划




    •     Understand device support requirements and estimate development effort.
    •     Develop algorithm software to run on embedded system.
    •   Test and release algorithms developed above.
    •     Ensure conformance to delivery, cost, quality, and overall customer satisfaction targets.
    •     Propose development platform and process improvements.
    •     Develop software for new programmer systems.

    Required Skills and Experience
    •     Bachelor or Master.
    •     Knowledgeable in standard software engineering development practices.
    •     Experienced in C/C++.

    •     Embedded-systems programming.
    •     Able to work well with others in a team-oriented environment.
    •     Able to communicate well in spoken and written English.

    Skills and Experience as plus
    •     Programming knowledge of programmable integrated circuits.

    •     Flash memory or FPGA design knowledge

    Required Personal Attributes
    •     Consistent with company values of integrity and commitment.
    •     Willingness to assume responsibility and be accountable.


    上班地址:上海市徐汇区平福路188号 漕河泾高科聚鑫园 3号楼6楼